Supreme Topics

What are the equipments we use to defuse a bomb?

The number of officers in the armed forces is less than the required level. In your opinion, how can this count be leveled?

If I want to become an officer in the Marine Corps, do I need to go to OCS even after completing college with an ROTC scholarship?

Does a legally obtained concealed carry licence allow you to conceal carry other weapons besides just handguns?

You are forced to make a tungsten sword, what design do you go for and what advantages does it have over a similar iron sword?

Has the .50 BMG caliber ever been considered for use in a Gatling type gun like the .30 mini-gun?

What do you think of Trump’s military-industrial complex-driven economic expansion?

Do military veterans maintain their titles after retirement?

Can you blow up a nuke by hitting it with something or being reckless around it?

In the US Army’s BCT, I heard on weekends you get a break and you can get a ‘weekend pass.’ Is that true?

What missile defense system does the US currently employ and how effective is it expected to be?

Which is the best Indian defense branch, army, air force, or navy?

If the Pakistan Army shoots an Indian, India reacts so strongly and retaliates, but if the Sri Lankan Navy shoots an Indian, why is there no retaliation?

Why would you want a DA or SA only pistol (not revolver)? What are the advantages of either over a combined DA/SA handgun?

In single seat fighter jets, the pilot generally uses a fixed HUD. On two seat fighter jets, the rear pilot (weapons officer) uses an HMD. So why is it that pilots on single seaters use fixed HUDs and not HMDs (except for newer planes like the F35)?