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Is there data that would support upholding “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (the policy preventing gay people from serving openly in the military)?

What made the Baker Rifle take so much longer to reload than the average musket during the Napoleonic Wars?

Do you believe that parkour is useful for military?

What happens when/if a USAF pilot’s bomb kills a civilian?

Why are there so many questions about weapons on quora? The US government spends far too much on defense, what are they scared of? (Same with private gun collectors.)

From the perspective of NCOs in the American armed forces, is there a perceived difference in quality between officers who graduated from the service academies (USMA, USNA, USAFA, etc.) compared to those who went through ROTC or other types of officer cadet training before they earned their commissions?

What would happen if the crew of Air Force One forgot to bring the landing gear out?

Why did the British keep on charging towards machine guns in WWI?

Which Para Commandos are the top 10 best?

Republican Party (U.S.): In the United States, conservatives continually call for more force shown to our enemies, criticizing the president for being weak. Yet they support looser guns laws that allow easier access to guns for extremists like Rizwan Farook. Why?

What is the longest time that a commercial aircraft may require to be able to take off?

If Thorium is so much better than Uranium, why don’t we use it and why didn’t we use it?

Can women join our Indian army?

Why is Brahmos the most successful missile launched in India?

What tank would be considered for extreme long range precision in combat roles?