Supreme Topics

How effective is INS Vikrant compared to the carriers of other nations?

How do companies look at someone who graduated college and then served in the Air Force for 5 years?

If there were a zombie infestation on an American aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean, how would the battle be fought?

With the advent of sophisticated, long-range missiles, will fighters, bombers, and possibly even aircraft carriers become obsolete?

How does the numbering of units (if that is the correct term) in the military work?

What if nuclear weapons were not developed? Would the world constantly be at war or would there be peace?

What is it like to have fought against a first world military?

Devrais-je m’inquiéter des tensions nord-coréennes? De nombreux sites Web affirment que nous approchons d’une apocalypse nucléaire et cela me fait peur au delà de toute croyance.

How well or poorly designed is the airplane J-31 compared to European, US, and other Asian airplanes? What are the aspects that make it a good plane or suitable for certain task?

What aerobatic maneuvers can the A-10 Thunderbolt II ‘Warthog’ perform?

In an impoverished country where the people are starving and public services are minimal, where does N. Korea get the money for missiles and A-bomb tech?

Does Israel have a unique special forces, like the American SEAL Team 6, and if so, how do they operate?

Can you become an AFSOC TACP if you are an officer, or do you have to be enlisted?

How did China manage to get a Liaoning aircraft carrier?

What is QNH and QFE? And what is there significance in aviation field? What could happen if wrong QNH is given to an aircraft?