What divisions of the US Army are regarded as highly as the US Marines?

Quite literally all of them. Of the active division currently in the US Army, each and every one has the history, tradition and esprit de corps to fart in the general direction of any USMC Division and taunt them for their pretty uniforms and well produced recruiting commercials.

Lets take them one by one, shall we?

1st Armored Division, Old Ironsides, stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX. Named and trained by Gen. Patton himself, they fought through North Africa, and up the Italian boot, inflicting massive damage on Kesselrings troops in the most brutal theater the US was involved in in WWII. Elements of the 1st AD served in Vietnam, and the entire division deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm. To Iraq and Afghanistan, in the present day.

1st Cavalry Division, First Team, stationed at Ft. Hood, TX, has, since its founding in 1921, managed to served as a cavalry (horse), armored, infantry, and air assault division. It did so from New Guinea through the Philippines, where they distinguished themselves. They were an armored punch in Korea. They pioneered air assault operations in Vietnam. They were part of the VII corps/III corps one/two punch against Saddams army in Desert Storm. They’ve continued to distinguish themselves in Iraq and Afghanistan to this day.

4th Infantry Division, Ivy, stationed at Fort Carson, CO. The division fought in the San Miheil and Meuse-Argonne offensives in the first world war. In the second world war, they participated in the largest amphibious assault in history at Normandy, France, and proceeded to fight their way through Belgium and Luxembourg and into Germany. The 4th ID served through the bulk of the Vietnam war and continued to stand throughout the cold war. They continue to serve with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan.

25th Infantry Division, Tropic Lightning, aka “electric strawberry” , fought from Guadalcanal to New Georgia, to the Philippines and on into holding the door open at the Pusan Perimeter in the early days of the Korean war. The 25th participated in Vietnam throughout the length of the war. They continue to serve with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 10th Mountain Infantry Division, is well famous for its service in Italy in the second world war. they famously, and successfully, conducted an assault on German troops up a 2,000 foot vertical face. It’s an absolute military impossibility, but the 10th did it. Hooah! They continue to serve with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 82nd Airborne Division, All American, stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, is famous for its action in France in the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne offensives. In the second world war, they had become airborne and assaulted Sicily, Italy, Normandy and Holland. They also helped stop the final German offensive, aka “battle of the bulge” and went on to solidly punch Germany in the nose for it. They went on to serve in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

101st Airborne Division, Screaming Eagles, stationed at Fort Campbell, KY, dropped from Normandy to Holland, and famously panzer-blocked Hitler at a little town called Bastogne in Belgium. Their CO in 1944 famously told the commander of 25 Nazi divisions attacking, in response to a surrender demand, “Nutz”. No Marine has ever been so eloquent. They went on to excel in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iran and Afghanistan.

2nd Infantry Division, Indian Head, Stationed in Korea, started out as a mixed division, with two regiments of Marines. In World War I they participated in the battle of Chateau-Thierry. St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and Aisne-Marne. In the second world war, they fought through France and into Germany. In Korea, they distinguished themselves covering the VIII Army retreat at the Iron Triangle, and many other places. They stood too for over sixty years since, defending the Korean peninsula, while still contributing brigades to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 1st Infantry division, Big Red One, stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas, is famous for being the first to fight in the first world war, and distinguishing themselves therein. They were instrumental in many of the amphibious assaults of the second world war in the MTO and ETO, each larger than the USMC ever conducted. They went on to serve in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Of course, I saved the biggest, baddest, meanest, motherfuckers for last. The US Army 3rd Infantry Division. Rock Of The Marne! Currently based in Fort Stewart, Georgia, earned their nickname at Champagne-Marne, and went on to fight in every remaining campaign of WWI. In World War II, the 3rd ID was the amphibious fist of the Army in Europe and the Mediterranean, landing in North Africa, Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, St. Tropez, as well as fighting through Italy and German. It was the only US division to participate on all fronts of the ETO and with 531 days of combat, one of the most used American divisions. As they arrived in Korea from the states, they immediately established a collapsing perimeter around Hamhung to allow 1st Marine Division to escape the Chosin trap. They went on to function as the theater fire brigade for the remainder of the war, cleaning up numerous problem areas. For the next forty years, 3ID stood nose to nose with 60 Warsaw Pact divisions. They contributed a brigade to the liberation of Kuwait. In 2003, they seized Baghdad and proceeded to rotate through Iraq and Afghanistan since. Hooah!

Each of these divisions has a great history, and I’d stack any one of them up favorably against any USMC division.

***EDIT*** The following is meant to be a fun response. Please take it as such.

Well let’s begin by pointing out that despite all the propaganda the Marines are simply a Corps. Basically they existed to protect the Navy when ships used to be boarded and therefore they’re not even their own branch of the military. They’re the guys that the Navy has around because sheep would be too obvious.

There is no Department of the Marines Corps. There is a department of the Navy and they typically send those poor pea-brained idiots out with the gear the Army left behind in Iraq after the first Gulf War. Imagine that, doing night operations with night vision goggles or having targeting lasers in order to know who to shoot at night. So let’s say the Jag Corps if it exists maybe has The Prestige of the Marine Corps and when inevitably it happens that the Marines get folded where they belong which is a subservient unit to the Army as congresses tried to do continuously over the last 10 years or so the world will be a better Place. Actually the Navy should be able to keep Marines on board to protect the ships from Salt Water rust since there’s no enemy boarding parties anymore they can continue to issue marines the only brand new piece of kit a Marine will ever see even if he stays in 27 years and retires which is of course the wire bristle brush. They’re used to do the one job that US Marine can do better than any individual in the world and that is scrape paint off pipes or other surfaces on board ships in the morning in order to repaint it in the afternoon and to repeat the same process the next day and the day after that. And the Army can put them to use for all the b******* police calls that privates who could otherwise be learning how to fight using tactics other than get in a line in charge Circa 1917 Western Front. It would do a service to both branches and would save the lives of countless Marines as well.

Now in all seriousness. I appreciate the Marines and all they do they’re filled with patriotic and unbelievably brave men and women. Small-brained men and women but patriotic none the less. It’s all in good fun jarheads you guys are great thank you for what you do and stay safe.

Summary: 3rd & 25th, and maybe 10th Mountain divisions are about as highly regarded as the USMC. 82nd, 101st, and maybe 10th Mountain would be more highly regarded than the USMC.

Not exactly a fair comparison, since corps are different sized units than divisions. (Corps are about five times as big.) However, I get where you’re coming from; you’re asking about the generally accepted ranking of “coolness” or “bad assery.” And while the USMC does have several divisions, they are not as different as Army divisions are, which tend to specialize, so in the reputation ranking in our minds, we tend to group all the Marine divisions together as one, whereas we separate the different Army divisions as having different reputations.

In general, the more elite units are smaller, so you would expect units to get smaller as you go up the coolness scale. This doesn’t mean all smaller units are more highly regarded—after all, a cooks’ platoon is pretty small, but few people would say being in 1/325 AIR’s cooks’ platoon is more highly regarded than than the USMC.

So we’re going completely subjective here, but even though individuals may disagree, I think in the main, my rankings here are not too much in dispute.

Comparing corps to corps, I suspect no full Army corps is as highly regarded as the United States Marine Corps. The closest would probably be 18th Airborne Corps, which includes the 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, & 10th Mountain. But no-one really boasts about being in the 18th Airborne Corps, so I’m pretty sure USMC > 18th.

Dropping down to US Army divisions, I think the light infantry divisions—3rd & 25th probably have a similar reputation to the USMC. Few people have heard of the 3rd ID, so by reputation alone, you’d have to say the Marine Corps is more highly regarded. More people have heard of the 25th “Tropic Lightning,” so I’d probably put them on par with the USMC, but reasonable people can disagree and give the USMC the edge.

Now we get to the specialist light infantry divisions: 10th Mountain, 101st Air Assault, and 82nd Airborne. And that is pretty much their order of reputation, from lowest to highest. Now that doesn’t mean everyone in the 82nd is better than everyone in the 10th. Probably any infantry platoon in the 10th is better than any pogue REMF unit in the 82nd, but by reputation alone, 82nd > 101st > 10th. And all three are probably regarded higher than the USMC, though I think a reasonable person could disagree with me on the 10th. I’m pretty sure the 101st is considered superior to the USMC, and I am absolutely certain that the 82nd is.

While the 82nd Airborne Division might be considered the US military’s best division in any branch, it is not considered the top dog. I think that honor belongs to the 75th Ranger Regiment. But it’s unfair to compare a division to a regiment.

And by reputation, all the special forces types like Seals and Delta Force have kick-ass reputations that outrank everyone else, but their mission is significantly different.

Note that all this is by reputation only. No doubt an armored division would cut through a light infantry division like a hot knife through warm butter, but no-one thinks serving in an armored unit is as cool as a light unit. And if we’re measuring just who could kill whom, well, probably the US Air Force with its nuclear missiles and MOAB’s would win that pissing contest.

That depends entirely on who you ask. The Big Red One, fought in WW1 and 2. The 82nd and 101st airborne are highly revered.

Most of what you hear though is interservice, interdivisonal rivalry, and is all in good fun.

If you’re in the service, you insult other branches, other divisions, other organizations in your own organization, but woe betide an outsider who does it.

“I can call my sister ugly, but if you do, watch out.”

You know why the Army has guard dogs at their gates and the Navy has Marines? Army won the toss.

First, the Army and Marines no longer fight, in most cases, as divisions. The basic tactical unit is the Brigade Combat Team in the Army, and the Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Second, Army BCTs are more specialized than Marine MEUs. Most MEUs have roughly the same capability, although tailored for the job. They are medium infantry with organic tank, artillery, and air support.

BCTs come in light (airborne, air assault, mountain), Stryker, and heavy/armored. In addition, the Army has various supporting brigades such as fires and maneuver enhancement.

This feels like a somewhat better version of “what is more e-leet than X”

Each branch has their own elite units, example is the US Army has the Special Forces group well the Marines have the RECON units, the Navy has the SEALS, etc.

its an age old debate as to what is better – Marines or Army. I myself was Army infantry and I worked with a few Marine infantry units, they were willing to fight to the death just like us and capable of accomplishing their missions just as we were. The Marines main drive was deploying on water, hence the name.


82nd and 101st.

I am answering this in a purely academic light.

But it does a disservice to all our other brothers and sisters of a parts of all services to try to compare them like that.

Just saying.