Who would win: a single Dalek or the entire US military with sonic screwdrivers?

A single Dalek. Against the might and power of the entire US military.

Slaughter. Plain and simple. Sonic screwdrivers or no sonic screwdrivers, every single member of the US military would be slaughtered without pause, without recourse, without the slightest bit of mercy.

The sonic screwdriver doesn’t work on Daleks, for a start. The US military does not have a single weapon capable of scratching the surface of a Dalek. Not even the largest, most powerful nuclear weapon could dent the dalekanium armor. They were ‘born’, survived and mutated on a world devastated by nuclear war.

I’ll leave it to the Doctor to explain (from the ninth Doctor episode “Dalek”):

Van Statten: I thought you were the great expert, Doctor. If you’re so impressive, then why not just reason with this Dalek? It must be willing to negotiate. There must be something it needs. Everything needs something.

The Doctor: What’s the nearest town?

Van Statten: Salt Lake City.

The Doctor: Population?

Van Statten: One million.

The Doctor: All dead. If the Dalek gets out, it’ll murder every living creature. That’s all it wants.

Van Statten: [shouting] But why would it do that?!

The Doctor: Because it honestly believes they should die. Human beings are different, and anything different is wrong. It’s the ultimate in racial cleansing, and you, van Statten, you’ve let it loose!

Welp, considering none of the soldiers would be able to use a sonic screwdriver as it’s so advanced you could just throw that out the door.

However, once the military gets their act together and realizes that there’s a robot yelling “EXTERMINATE” terrorizing the country they would simply send out some infantry. Once that inevitably fails they would send in some bigger guns (as in a fighter jet) to obliterate the Dalek.

Overall, if it doesn’t get destroyed by a tank or a plane it would certainly be destroyed by Trump firing a missile.

AT-4 Launcher

As with a lot of sci-fi, with Doctor Who, the difficulty of a given enemy seems to vary depending upon what the plot needs.

Let’s look at a Dalek’s design, though: it’s essentially a large, inverted trash can, with a laser gun/toilet plunger for a weapon, rolling on what must be wheels. Among other design failings (maneuverability), it has no apparent capacity to right itself. Why, oh why, does no one think to simply topple it over onto its side?

A couple of grunts with an RPG could do it. Just aim for the “head”. You don’t have to damage it, just provide a large, concussive shock to knock it over.

Can’t get close enough for that? No problem! Plenty of long distance ordinance that can be fired from an aircraft could accomplish the same thing. After that, take your time. It’s not going anywhere. My money’s on the military.

You may all yell at me now. 🙂

If I’m being perfectly honest here, sonic screwdrivers do nearly nothing when it comes to actually fighting The Doctors enemies. If you were to use a sonic screwdriver against a dalek it would kill you instantly and probably laugh at how hopeless your weapon is. The reason The Doctor has one is because it can’t directly hurt someone or something else, and he uses it to find an alternative to violence.

For a start, the Dalek is f**ked. Against ALL of the US weapons, it is of course f**ked. Drop a tank on it, and it’s going down. Sonic screwdrivers dont work on the Daleks, plus nobody knows what they are. but lets say they do. but they dont work on the Daleks, so lets throw that out.
Once Trump realises a robot with a gun is screaming -EXTERMINATE- at their Delta Force team and the Navy SEAL team, it is time for them to retreat, as the Dalek does not know that Trump has fired a f**king intercontinental ballistic missile at it.

If not that, Gather all the soliders into a horizontal line, all with an RPG launcher to shoot the f*ck out of it’s eye. Something tells me that wont work, so cover its eye in a blanket.

Damn I’m very violent xD

The military would use the screwdrivers all at the same time and would generate a great feedback, which causes an explosion.

Who knows, whether the dalek could survive this.

The military would destroy itself, for sure. They were never able to use any weapon correctly.

A single Dalek would win. Look at what happened when 3 daleks took on several millions of cybermen. The daleks won. The daleks are a mightier race than earthings. The daleks have but one motto…… exterminate. This says it all

Perhaps if they Zerg rushed it and threw a blanket over its eyestalk.

Maybe if the soldiers used the screwdrivers to initiate a drone strike (and got the hell out of the area)

Snipers with armour-piercing bullets aiming at the eyestalk?

Don’t believe anything you’ve read about DALEK invulnerablity I’ve seen them pushed down ramps, spun into racks of computer equipment, and even blinded by a handkerchief yes HANDKERCHIEFS and who still carries cotton handkerchiefs old people, forget about the US army and world domination there’d be struggle to exit a retirement home garden.

The dalek would be obliterated immediately. It has been revealed that daleks are vulnerable to anti-tank missiles, and you don’t need to be told the US military have plenty of those.