Would USA be possible to invade if the armed forces of NATO were combined?

It would be good to do a little research before inventing these scenarios.

I spent 2 1/2 years in Germany with the 3rd Armored Division. The United States has had military forces stationed in Europe since the end of WW II, first as occupation forces, then as security against the Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union) potential to invade and conquer Europe.

Every two years the NATO forces conducted an exercise called REFORGER – Return of Forces to Germany. In that exercise we would deploy to forward bases and pretend to repel the invading Warsaw Pact armies. Meanwhile the U.S. would mobilize troops in the U.S., including some National Guard, and practice getting them to Germany as quickly and efficiently as they could. It was a lot of fun playing a massive war game. but it was widely considered that the WP would roll right over us long before reinforcements could arrive.

So, NATO is strictly defensive forces. The U.S. may or may not have the ability to mobilize troops and get them to Germany in time, but the NATO forces have ZERO capability of collecting, much less transporting, any significant military force to the shores of the United States, and even Canada, a member of NATO, would have little luck invading through our northern border even though they are already at the door.

NATO forces have no hope of reaching the U.S. If they come by plane we will blow them out of the air. If they come by ships (which they do not have) we will see them long before they pose a threat and either sink them with planes or submarines.

If any come ashore other than in Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey (strict gun control) they will be met on the beaches by a well-armed militia and be lucky to gain a foothold, much less reach the closest McDonald’s.

For 72 years the United States has provided military security for NATO, with some token military forces provided by the NATO countries. With the Warsaw Pact defunct and the chance of an invasion from Russia highly unlikely (unless you are Ukraine) there is precious little reason for us to leave substantial troops there any longer. Time for those nations to pay for their own defense and our troops to be re-deployed where they can be put to better use.

But the chances of NATO ever desiring, much less succeeding in invading the U.S. continent – not a chance.

Do you mean… the US military and NATO combined to invade the US?

What a weird scenario…

Yeah, assuming the military retained control of most of its nukes. It would take a while, probably two or three years.

All of the armed vets and militiamen in the world couldn’t withstand an assault of 500 tanks with air support, at least if the tanks were armed to bury them alive once they ran out of ammo.

The US military has done this before in Desert Storm.

Of course, that tactic wouldn’t work in a wooded area or mountainous area as well, but they would not be facing all the poorly-armed militias in the whole world.

First, no country in NATO has any interest in invading the USA. Second, your proposition would be if all of the NATO countries agreed to do that and this wouldn’t happen. Then, IF they did they don’t have the strategic lift, either airborne or sealift, to conduct such an operation. Last, if they wanted to do such a thing they could not succeed even if the USA only used their National Guard to repel them. No, not going to happen.