What is the exact job done by an NAIC officer in the Indian Navy at present? What are the future opportunities available for an NAIC officer after service?

Naval Armament Inspection (NAI) Officers are the specialist officers responsible for Inspection & Quality Assurance (QA), in-house R&D, life extension and life assessment to ensure safety, serviceability and functional reliability of Armaments in the inventory of Indian Navy.

Work Environment:

As a Naval Armament Inspection officer, you will be responsible for inspection of the armament supplied to the Navy by various agencies. You will also be responsible for in-house Research & Development, leading to indigenization and will have to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of Naval Armament and Stores procured by the Navy.

NAI officers also provide QA coverage during production/ acceptance at various Ordnance factories, PSUs, Private Industry and at foreign OEM premises. The NAI officers associate with various DRDO labs during the development phase of various armament stores.

Training & Advancement:

Candidates selected will undergo 44 weeks Naval Orientation Course at the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala followed by professional training at various Naval Training Establishment /Units/Ships.

Education Opportunities:

Later in the career, officers are nominated for higher studies like M Tech programs at IITs/ DIAT (DU) based on merit and availability.

Qualification & Requirement:

The candidates must possess at least 60% marks in BE/B. Tech Degree from recognised university in any one of the following stream:-

  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Aeronautical
  • Metallurgy
  • Naval Architecture

Click link below to read more details about opportunities and Life as a career in Indian Navy:

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The job:- If you ask me about the exact (read official) job of an NAIC officer, these are written in the Navy’s website and also have been answered by two people.

But the bottom line, you will be posted in shore establishments like NAD (Naval Armaments Depot) and will only be responsible for making sure that inspection/ quality control of armaments take place (even after these things, a lot of Naval ammunition mis-fires or doesn’t fire at all!). Being an officer of the Navy, you will hardly be doing anything physically and there will be a lot of people under you to get these jobs done.

As I have said, you will be responsible for a lot of things – making you sign a lot of papers, books, records, QC/ inspection documents in a routine manner and will be attending a lot of meetings on a regular basis.

Future Opportunities:- Now a days, every officer in the Navy is guaranteed to become a Commander (equivalent to Lt Colonel of the Army) in 12–13 years of service. Even if you can’t make it upto a Captain (a Colonel in Army) after 17–18 years of service, you will become a ‘time scale’ one after almost 25 years of total service.

By the time you will reach the age of 58 you will retire and will have enough contacts/ acquaintance to become the Manager/ Director of some company supplying armaments to the Navy.

Naval Armament Inspection (NAI) is a non-seagoing branch in the Indian Navy. After initial training – NAI Officers are appointed as Armament Inspectors in various Ordnance Factories and Armament Depots. After retiring from service – since it is a non-seagoing branch – NAI Officers do not enjoy the same attractive prospects in Merchant Navy as other seagoing officers of the Navy do. For better career prospects – it would be better to join the Executive Branch of the Navy.