Why is Pakistan a failed state even after having nuclear weapons?

If having nuclear power resulted in a country being successful then I’m pretty sure that the remaining 187 countries would’ve been failures. Nuclear Power sure is a good thing if used for good but it does not make any country failed or successful.

Country’s failure or success depends on it’s political, economic and foreign relations’ stability. Pakistan, currently faces terrible political and economic instability. Education is not a big trend in non-urban areas which results in unemployment, less GDP and less infrastructure.

These things have been changing for the past 3 years and Pakistan will be out of the FSI(Fragile/Failed State Index) this year. Terrorist events have halved and Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad has been successfully working in all areas of Pakistan. It’s very rare now a days to hear about a terror event in Pakistan.

As a result, major cricket players have agreed to play matches in Pakistan. Sri Lankan team (even after being attacked in 2009) has now agreed to play in Pakistan.

In my opinion, Pakistan has a lot more to achieve than just better infrastructure or good security. It needs to focus on education reducing corruption and restoring it’s image in front of the world.

Nukes are useless, they are merely a deterrent. Without Nukes Pakistan is just a backwater country with no formidable industrial complex, non-existent R&D, crumbling infra. Military doctrine of Pakistan revolves around nukes.

Navy is essential in power projection, When India spent years to develop shipyards, Pakistan was diverting its most of resources for nuclear program( with no civilian use) . Nuclear program which sole concern is nukes, they are left with mere frigates as flagships.

This is Pakistan :

‘Individual vision can be destroyed by blind hatred’

Those who consider Pakistan a weak state can be described in this quote

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
 ― Abraham Lincoln

Pakistan is Nuke Country so its not possible to mess it with via WAR, so many enemies has sent RATS to our country which disturbs the LAW situation in the country where as Pakistan is the very much peaceful country and because of Pak Army all RATS are being killed on daily basis by their targeted operations.

Pakistanis are showing their talent in all skills and soon all haters will see how fast Pakistan is growing their GDP and IT Industry.

I think it is perceived as weak because of internal problems with terrorists. If a country cannot keep its own house in order, it is perceived as weak.