Is it legal for a man to own a weapon in united states if he isn’t a US citizen.?

A US citizen is a very specific designation for persons born in the US, in US territories, or overseas where at least one parent is a citizen. In addition, a citizen can be naturalized. There are many people in the US who are not US citizens; however, they are considered US Persons under the the law and afforded the same protections as citizens under the Constitution.

Additionally, the definition of a weapon is many and varied. Knives, explosives, spears, cannons, clubs, and guns are all weapons. Most people are concerned with gun ownership in the US. Accordingly, we will attempt to answer the question, “Is it legal for a non-US citizen to own a firearm (gun)?”

As asked, there is no prohibition against a non-US citizen, man or woman, owning a firearm in the US. Non-illegal, non-US citizens are afforded the same protection under the constitution, including the application of the Second Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) and the Fourteenth Amendment (guarantee of equal protection under the law). Therefore, a non-US citizen can own a firearm in the US.

Although there is no prohibition, there are state rules which determine when a US citizen or a non-US citizen can purchase a firearm. Usually, those rules center around the ability to prove one’s residence in the state and entail some type of time in residence requirement; however, in some cases, non-immigrant aliens can possess a firearm in the US. In addition, there are specific rules allowing Canadians to possess firearms within the US.

There’s no federal law against it, so it would depend on the state law.

State laws likewise do not typically apply to citizenship, but simply personhood; so if it’s legal for anyone to own a weapon, then a non-citizen can typically do so.