Was the Pugwash Conferences of Science & World Affairs successful in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons?

1.This is an international organisation that aims at reducing armed conflict,it might be nuclear or not. So this organisation is not specifically for stopping nuclear proliferation.

2.This was a idea of intellectual and not of the nations.This was not a legal agreement that forced the signatories to follow rules or punish them by imposing bans if they did so.

3.This organisation was formed in 1955 ,before that only US,USSR and UK had nuclear weapon but China ,France ,India,Pakistan,N.Korea,Israel,South Africa (they dismantled their nukes later),Libya(they also tried to make nukes) all tried to make the nukes after 1955 and such this organisation was not successful in its attempt.

4.For a period of around 2 years between 1965–66 all countries were allowed to try to make nukes and all the nations who were successful before 1 January 1967 were to be added to NPT as a Nuclear Weapon State.This period accelerated the nukes proliferation.

This organisation can be seen as a initiative (like for environmental protection just days before Diwali festival) ,It suggest things but doesn’t have a structure or authorisation to make nations follow it like NPT or NSG.

I hope that this will answer your question